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12/2019 - Georgia Tech

Graduating with my MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech

I am a generalist software engineer, currently at Kabbage in Atlanta, and a recent MS Computer Science graduate from Georgia Tech, where I specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. I previously studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering (+ CS/ML) at Stellenbosch University

What excites me most is the creation of new products that solve real-world problems and are a delight to use. I became interested in HCI when I started to notice that the metrics engineers consider when evaluating a product (things like power consumption, efficiency) are vastly different from what users care about (things like usability, relieving their pain points). And it's that second set of factors which mostly determines product success.

I am interested in bridging this divide. I enjoy wearing many hats and solving any kind of interesting problem, whether technical or non-technical, that has a direct impact on user product experience.

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12/2019 - Vinyl

Vinyl visualizes the characteristics of your favourite artists' music

12/2019 - LivingBlocks

A visual recommendation of where in Atlanta to live

05/2019 - Chick-fil-A Innovation Center

Augmented Reality glasses order tracking prototype


After graduation I joined fintech unicorn Kabbage as a software engineer. I'm a member of the Experience Infrastructure team: a cross-functional group responsible for our internal design system (Sprout) and ensuring a consistent user experience across all our products.

During my time at Georgia Tech I took any opportunities I got to learn more about HCI and be involved in building cool stuff: conducting user interviews, doing full-stack development for web and mobile apps, running evaluations, doing research, and pitching in startup competitions. Along the way I also learned more about / worked on projects related to Machine Learning, Data Analytics & Visualization, Computer Vision, and Management.

Examples include Pond, an app to help you meet new people in your communities, and Vinyl, a visual music comparison tool which received 3000 visitors in its first week online.

Previously, I worked as a Full-Stack Engineer on the ABALOBI project: building an online marketplace with an embedded traceability system to connect small-scale artisanal South African fishers directly to high-end restaurant buyers, i.e. cutting out the middleman and helping them secure fair prices for their fish.

I also spent a summer working in the Chick-fil-A Innovation Center, building a prototype of an IoT-connected Augmented Reality glasses based order tracking system to help restaurant team members perform their jobs more efficiently.

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10/2019 - Appalachian Trail, VA

A few days of fall backpacking in Virginia

05/2019 - Rocky Mountains, CO

My first time driving on snow during a solo roadtrip in the Rockies


Although I am currently based in Atlanta, I grew up near Cape Town in sunny South Africa. This has left me with a lifelong love for the sea, mountains and anything outdoors. Like all South Africans, I very much enjoy good food and a regular "braai" (BBQ'ing over an open fire with friends). I'm also a big Arsenal fan.

I try to travel as often as I can: since moving to the US I have especially enjoyed taking roadtrips, exploring National Parks, and hiking new mountains.

I grew up with a photographer for a mom and I have recently started to take up the hobby a bit more seriously myself - I just upgraded from a GoPro to my first DSLR. One of my photography-related pet projects has been to attempt to take 1 second of video every single day which I compile into one 6 minute long video at the end of each year (this has turned out to be a lot of fun, check out last year's one here).

Something else I enjoy doing, although I've sadly neglected it a bit for the past year or two, is writing. I'm considering publishing a few articles on Medium soon. Watch this space.

In 2020 I want to visit Asia, try skiing for the first time, roadtrip Utah / Arizona, learn how to smoke brisket and ribs perfectly, and take plenty of good pictures along the way.